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Jags all in, G2G. Geared to greatness!

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Tip Off Club

The Stephenson High School Tip Off Club (501) (c)(3) is a nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to provide support to the Stephenson High School Basketball Program and all our athletes. The Tip Off Club is comprised of parents, teachers, students, and community citizens and business supporters, who together raise money through volunteerism and donations, each year to support the Freshman, Junior Varsity & Varsity teams.

Stephenson Jaguars


Stephenson Jaguars

Tip Off Club Objectives:

Volunteer Services

To provide volunteer services defined to support the Basketball Program at Stephenson High School.

School Spirit

To promote School Spirit and Sportsmanship for the Stephenson Jaguar Basketball Teams.

Encourage Attendance

To encourage attendance and help provide an enjoyable fan experience at all events.

Jags all in, G2G. Geared to greatness!

Jaguars Motto

Volunteer opportunities are available for everyone to participate. These volunteers provide contributions in carrying out numerous activities to benefit Stephenson High School’s athletic program including:

  1. Supporting the membership, including recruitment of new members.
  2. Volunteering to provide concessions stand support at Stephenson High School sporting events.
  3. Volunteering to support the advertising and selling functions of Stephenson High School’s apparel and other items that help promote school spirit.
  4. Support the athletic website and social media team.

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